Mather School

Mather School

Thursday, March 29, 2012

More about the Museum of Science

Hi Alaskan friends!
   On the day my class went to the Museum of Science we had to go to the train in the red line. Then we had to go to the green line which is really crowded. Next we go to the Museum of Science and I was excited. When we got  in there we had to take off our coats.
   The first thing we did was to find a partner from our class and make a bobsled with a base, fabric, clips, dead batteries, straws, and pipe cleaners.  When we were done, we got a magnet. Next we went to a big place to a lot of stuff.  My favorite part was when I could see different states and planets.  Then we went to a place where there is sea shells that are not close to Boston.  After that, we went to a place where we can eat lunch. I had a sandwich and it tasted horrible.  Finally we went to the IMAX theater and the IMAX theater is different from all the other theaters because it is bigger than any other theater.  The movie was about Alaska and it felt like I was in Alaska!  After the movie we have to go back to our school, and we went to the green line, then the red line and we walked all the way back to school.


Friday, March 2, 2012

Going to the Museum of Science

Hello Igiugig Friends,

   On our field trip we went to the Museum of Science to watch an Imax movie on Alaska. I thought we we going to see other exhibits, and we did. I was so excited!
    We had to take the train. First we got on the red line. Then we hopped on the green line after a few stops. They have different lines for trains. I felt like I was walking 10 miles!  Finally, finally we got there! First while we were waiting some kids played on a "Coin Launcher". Then we went to the "Bobsleds". we made bobsleds. Then we went into a room with a lot of activities.  My favorite activity was the one where you make designs with beads.  Then we had lunch. I ate a sandwich.
     Finally we watched the Imax movie. It showed the kind of fish that bears eat. My favorite was the submariner. Also, the part when the black bear came out and started jumping and splashing around.  The best part was that it felt like I was sitting in a dome.  Then we went back to school.
Write again soon.
Bye,  Alzerina

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Artist's Statement


I decided to draw my self portrait this way because I want our Alaskan friends to see what I look like and tell them my hobbies and how my family celebrates.


Makayla's Artist Statement


I chose to do my portrait this way because I like swimming. I even like to stand on my head under the water. I do back flips under water, and stay under for three minutes! I like to play tag under water too. Oh, I want to teach you how to do a back flip under water. Okay, first you put your hands up, then put your hands back. Put one foot up then tilt into the water then flip! It's not easy, it took me four months to learn that.

Good luck,